Coming February 13th!

Coming February 13th, is my newest Valentine's Inc. book and this time we're all Snowed In!

Every one of the ten authors will be using the same first line of the story and then they'll all go in completely different directions. It's a fabulous concept and I'm very excited to introduce everyone to Josiah and Sebastian.

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A sexually repressed man with a longing to let go and an ex-priest with a lust for decadence get snowed in together for the weekend. Will it matter that they hate each other?

Josiah lives his life in control. Always in control. When he meets a handsome Australian who brings out all the secret urges he’s been suppressing, he does his best to push him away. It doesn’t matter that they had one scorching hot encounter in the past. He keeps telling himself it will never happen again. Or will it?

Sebastian thought his calling was to serve, but he was so wrong. He left the church and is finding a newfound belief in himself, including his sexual wants and needs. He sees Josiah as a challenge at first, someone to conquer. However, after their first encounter, he wants more with this beautiful man who’s living only half a life. He’s attracted to everything Josiah is and can be, and wants to pursue something real with him. But it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen. Or will it?

One road trip, an unexpected snowstorm, and a cabin in the woods may give these two the chance to break down their walls, and come clean about what they really want. Josiah and Sebastian can help each other find what they’ve been looking for, if they finally give in and take the chance mother nature is giving them. But will they?

Coming February 23

I have loved every minute in my new magickal universe, and I hope you all do too. Tobias and Atherton have a little bit if a fast start, but it turns into a slow burn with longing glances and stolen kisses. *Swoon* And their familiars Chester the Cat and Lucille the Magpie are so snarky each other. You gotta love snark! Preorder is live so don't miss out on a magickal start to the new year.

Two witches. Two souls that are inescapably intertwined. What will they do when they discover their destiny?

Atherton Blackwood
Once upon a time, I was the heir to my family's seat on the High Council of Witches. After one horrific night, the Council was no more and all the families went into hiding. The likelihood I would ever find my mo shíorghrá, my soul mate, was gone. But by fate or luck, I’ve finally found my other half. Tobias Wyvern was destined to be mine, but we’re discovering that’s not all destiny has in store for us. I need to find out if our future will be our own, or if it will be determined by a prophecy that was written before either of us were born. I’ll do whatever I have to do, go wherever I have to go to find a way for us to be together. Even if it means going home.

Tobias Wyvern
I invited my next door neighbor, Arthur, to a family dinner to get them off my back, but what I’m finding out is that my whole life has been a lie. I was always told we were the only witches left in the world, but that’s because my family was too frightened to tell me the truth. They signed a marriage contract when I was a child, but had no intention of following through. The Wyverns and the Blackwoods would never be united if they could prevent it. When all hell broke loose years later, they were able to disappear. Now fate has brought Atherton Blackwood into my life and he's, and I’m ready to be claimed. But it's not that simple. By coming together, we’ll set into motion a destiny neither one of us could ever have predicted. Are we willing to put our lives on the line for love?

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