Comet is coming this Friday!

It’s a 99 cent Holiday Sale!

On sale through December 24th

If you need a break from all the sticky sweet holiday and winter themed stories out right now, here’s a fun paranormal to clean your Christmas palate! It’s on sale for the very first time in Amazon’s US & UK stores for only 99 cents through December 24th.
But wait, there’s more! 
Since it’s Whispersynced, you can get the audio for only $7.49! This is the first book in my Familiar Magick series that follows a group of modern day natural witches and their talking familiars as they discover a plot against their kind.  There’s adventure, magick, and only one bed! Get your copy now and start your magickal journey while it’s on sale.

Three of My Most Popular Books are on Sale for just 99 Cents Each!

The world is crazy right now. All of us could use some fun and fluff and a good deal. This is why I’ve decided to put three of my most popular books on sale for just 99 cents through Tuesday, March 24th. Read on for all the details and links for these books and for information about a few other books on sale as well.

A cute red head and a big Scottish softie walk into a bar.

Up Ship Creek is Fun, Flirty and Full of Snark!

Get Lost in a New World of Shifters and Intrigue!

Snow Way in Hell is live and reviewers are loving it!

Snow Way in Hell was such a special story for me, and I’m thrilled that readers and reviewers alike are loving it. The one that made me the happiest is this new review on the Love Bytes book blog. I hope all my readers love these guys as much as I do and follow along with their journey with me in future books.

Witchy Goodness Cover Reveal!

October is already here. Can you believe it? I’ll be heading to GRL in a few weeks, but in the meantime I’m working hard on a fun witchy story coming at the end of the month. And the best thing about it? It’s going to be a part of a fake relationship Prolific Works event and it’ll be free!

I hope you’ll all love my new guys in Faking Familiar. I fell in love with Atherton and Tobias. I love them so much that I’m going to write them their very own series! What starts as a fake relationship in the free story, will move forward into a series about family, history, witches and their familiars, and most of all magick. Get ready for a fun and magickal ride!

Lots of Great Things In Store!

I’ve been a very busy girl recently. Up Ship Creek came out last week and it earned me three orange banners for best seller in Australia! Then it got an orange banner for two hour short story in the US. I am beyond thrilled with the reviews, and can’t thank all the other Valentine’s Inc. authors for asking me to join this time.

That’s what I’ve been doing, but I’ve got big plans moving toward the end of the year. I have a great freebie event I’m going to be participating in at the end of October, and y’all, you don’t want to miss this little story. Trust me, there’s a lot to come from these guys, so you’ll want to sign up for my newsletter for the announcement when it’s live.

I’m also beginning the next book in the Beyond Fate series soon. Nial, Ze and the gang will be back from In the Lion’s Den for the new installment. This time we’ll follow Kane and Thorne to Kane’s family pack land where things are anything but normal. The Syndicate has been busy, and definitely not in a good way. Look for all the action and romance in Wolf at the Door coming out before Christmas.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, I have another little surprise coming for New Years. It’ll be awesome and something completely different!

But before all of this amazingness can happen, I’lI be heading to GRL on October 15th! f you’re going to be at GRL this year in October, then be sure to come by my author signing Oct. 17th from 10am-12pm. I’ll have very few books for sake at the event, but if you bring your own, I’ll be more than happy to sign them for you. Come see me at my author lounge on Friday 12pm-12:45 also to hang out and get ALL the swag. I’ve got a ton of fun things for everyone.

So that’s what I’ve got planned until the end of the year. Hope to see everyone at GRL! For those who can’t be there, come hang out in my reader group on Facebook (the link is at the top of the page) and hang out with me in Kade’s Krewe!

Keep it foxy, y’all!

Up Ship Creek is up for Pre-order!

I was asked to participate in the new season of Valentine’s Inc. and this time we’re cruising! My contribution is a cute story about two frenemies forced to share a cabin.

Then there’s the suitcase full of lingerie and not much else. Oh, and did I mention the unexpected Tropical Storm? The guys are going to be spending a lot of quality time together on the high seas in a not so huge cabin, lol.

What could happen? 😉

Until I Met You pre-order is live!

Until I Met You, the much anticipated follow up book to Until the Stars Fall is almost here! Get yours today and be one of the first to meet Ethan, Uncle James’s new love…if he’ll lighten up and quit being an idiot, lol.

James- “Until I met you, I never knew how lonely I really was.”

James Eldridge has lived his entire life taking care of others, like his free spirit of a
brother and later his teenage nephews. For James, his needs have always come last for the good and safety of his family. When forty comes knocking and he meets a bright, glittering ray of sunshine named Ethan, he finally realizes just how alone he’s been. But old habits die hard, and James places himself firmly in the role of protector once again. Love just wasn’t his to have. Never again would he put someone he cared for at risk for his own desires, no matter how much he truly wanted to hold on and never let go.

Ethan- ”Until I met you, I never knew what I needed to finally feel whole again.”

From an early age, life taught Ethan O’Leary some hard lessons. Parents weren’t permanent. Death could come suddenly and without warning. And love wasn’t ever going to work out for him. At sixteen, his best friend’s family took him in after his beloved Gran passed suddenly. But as much as he loved them, it was never home. Now, at twenty-seven, Ethan lives his life out loud, bright as a peacock and just as showy. He’s made peace with the hole in his heart. Then, straight-laced, over-cautious James walks into his life and a different future beckons him. But James fights the idea of a happily-ever-after between them, so Ethan must decide between fighting for their happiness or just letting go.

Fortunately, Ethan’s not alone in his battle to win James’s heart. With the help of a dating app, the Eldridge boys, the McDaniel Clan and a few surprises, it might just be possible for these two polar opposites to finally meet in the middle. If only James would just quit being an idiot.