Consequences of Crying

Title: Consequences of Crying
Release Date: 10/23/2020
Pages: 120
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I played a game and didn’t know the rules. Now, no one believes a vampire wants my soul. I’m going to have to pay the consequences, but I won’t be alone.

Lying pays my bills. If the masses are naive enough to believe my lies, what’s the harm? They’re all sheep to me anyway, ripe for the fleecing. All except him.

Running from disgrace, I found my new neighbor was intense, captivating, and first. I foolishly played with his fire, and now I’m burning. As he uses my body and destroys my barriers, it’s impossible to remember who I am, or what I want. His seduction of pain and passion are almost too much to resist. But there’s another there and he helps me hold on. Can I risk trusting anything or anyone in this maelstrom of pleasure, pain and memory?

In the end, trust is betrayed. I’m the fool who’s destined to pay for crying wolf, and have my blood and soul devoured by my captor. I’m starting to believe my tormentor may be right when he says I’ll find my truth, my future, by giving in to his demands. But when the other offers me salvation, can I trust again?

Between these two impossible beings, I'm caught, with no way to get free. One may be my death, while the other is my eternity.

Consequences of Crying is a dark and modern m/m retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. With an obsessive vampire, a vengeful  incubus and a human stuck in the middle, there are intense situations and very dark desires. Relationships may be deemed unhealthy and include possible triggering content.

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