In the Lion’s Den

Title: In the Lion's Den
Release Date: October 25, 2018
Pages: 164
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Danial “Nial” Rourke is the oldest son of his crime boss father, but wants nothing to do with the family business. As a rare pureblood shifter with no abilities, he's treated as human and is able to live a relatively normal life, even reaching his dream of getting his medical degree. One night out with his brother to celebrate with his graduation changes everything. Now Nial is a convicted murderer and his pureblood status means he'll be going to Starkeville Penitentiary for Criminal Beasts. The high stone walls, human prejudice and the worst of the shifter world make it a deadly place for someone like Nial. If his father can't pull some strings and get Nial some protection, he'll never make his next birthday alive.

Ezekiel de Koening is the king of his domain,  and a very rare black maned lion shifter. His domain these days is his prison cell, but not for long if his plan will finally come together. A call from his boss on the outside gives him a babysitting job he doesn't want. The boy is too pretty and weak to be anything but a problem. Just as Ze decides to let the boy fend for himself and get on with his plan, he makes a very complicated discovery. Nial isn't all he claims to be, he has deep secrets and he's Ze's mate. With things finally coming to a head, Ze must make the most painful decision of his life, keep his mate safe or finally be free.


When their world explodes, the decision is made for them. Through unimaginable loss, freedom comes for one of them. But can you go on when your heart has to be left behind?