Snow Way in Hell

Title: Snow Way in Hell
Series: Valentine's Inc.- Snowed In #10
Release Date: February 13
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A sexually repressed man with a longing to let go and an ex-priest with a lust for decadence get snowed in together for the weekend. Will it matter that they hate each other?

Josiah lives his life in control. Always in control. When he meets a handsome Australian who brings out all the secret urges he’s been suppressing, he does his best to push him away. It doesn’t matter that they had one scorching hot encounter in the past. He keeps telling himself it will never happen again. Or will it?

Sebastian thought his calling was to serve, but he was so wrong. He left the church and is finding a newfound belief in himself, including his sexual wants and needs. He sees Josiah as a challenge at first, someone to conquer. However, after their first encounter, he wants more with this beautiful man who’s living only half a life. He’s attracted to everything Josiah is and can be, and wants to pursue something real with him. But it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen. Or will it?

One road trip, an unexpected snowstorm, and a cabin in the woods may give these two the chance to break down their walls, and come clean about what they really want. Josiah and Sebastian can help each other find what what they’ve been looking for, if they finally give in and take the chance mother nature is giving them. But will they?

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