Summoning Secrets

Title: Summoning Secrets
Series: Familiar Magick #2
Release Date: 9/17/20
Pages: 158
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Accidentally summoning a demon was NOT my plan. Now he says I need his help, and won’t leave—and I’m oddly alright with that. 

I’m new to this magick thing. I’ve aced my classes in college because they're normal, predictable, safe. Fire magick is chaos. The first time I try to wield my magick on my own, I make a mistake. A big mistake. Now I have this leather wearing demon in my life. He’s gorgeous, dangerous, and the way his thighs and ass look in those tight pants should be illegal. I want to learn, and he seems more than willing to teach me everything I need to know…about magick and so much more. If only learning my powers was the only thing I’ve got to handle.

There’s someone trying to kill me.

When we go in search of answers and help, we find out we're part of a bigger picture, and there's a prophecy (of course, there’s always a prophecy). I’m a certified nerd. I’m not cut out to save the magickal world. The way my leather daddy demon protects me from every threat makes me feel confident we can navigate this new world... if we stick together. But can you ever really trust a demon?

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