Up Ship Creek

Title: Up Ship Creek
Release Date: Sept. 12, 2019
Pages: 99
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What happens when you find out the one person who always rubs you the wrong way can rub you the right way even better?

Taylor loathes boats and the water, but he accepts an invitation for a short cruise with his latest fling because the dick is good and he has the vacation time. How bad could it be? When he’s stood up and stranded without a cabin by the dick, he can’t believe who comes to his rescue. How in the hell is he supposed to survive four days in the same room with his secret wet dream armed with only a suitcase full of lingerie? He’ll need every last bit of self-control to survive without climbing and claiming mount Bart all for himself.

Bart’s brother won a cruise and convinced Bart to go. At the very last minute, his brother backs out and he winds up with a huge king suite all to himself. After the ship sails, he sees his favorite sexy designer desperately trying to find a place to stay on the sold-out cruise. Thrilled to come to the rescue, he offers to share his cabin since there’s plenty of room. It’s just the chance he’s been looking for to get Taylor to slow down and see what’s in front of him. Even if Taylor pretends to be immune to his charms, Bart’s a man with a plan and four days to make it happen.
Between Taylor’s suitcase of sexy fun, Bart’s surprising playful side, and an unexpected tropical storm, these men will realize that being up the creek without a paddle is sometimes exactly where you’re meant to be.

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