Until I Met You

Title: Until I Met You (Just the Way You Are Book 2)
Series: Just the Way You Are #2
Release Date: July 25, 2019
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James- “Until I met you, I never knew how lonely I really was.”

James Eldridge has lived his entire life taking care of others, like his free spirit of a
brother and later his teenage nephews. For James, his needs have always come last for the good and safety of his family. When forty comes knocking and he meets a bright, glittering ray of sunshine named Ethan, he finally realizes just how alone he’s been. But old habits die hard, and James places himself firmly in the role of protector once again. Love just wasn’t his to have. Never again would he put someone he cared for at risk for his own desires, no matter how much he truly wanted to hold on and never let go.

Ethan- ”Until I met you, I never knew what I needed to finally feel whole again.”

From an early age, life taught Ethan O’Leary some hard lessons. Parents weren’t permanent. Death could come suddenly and without warning. And love wasn’t ever going to work out for him. At sixteen, his best friend’s family took him in after his beloved Gran passed suddenly. But as much as he loved them, it was never home. Now, at twenty-seven, Ethan lives his life out loud, bright as a peacock and just as showy. He’s made peace with the hole in his heart. Then, straight-laced, over-cautious James walks into his life and a different future beckons him. But James fights the idea of a happily-ever-after between them, so Ethan must decide between fighting for their happiness or just letting go.

Fortunately, Ethan’s not alone in his battle to win James’s heart. With the help of a dating app, the Eldridge boys, the McDaniel Clan and a few surprises, it might just be possible for these two polar opposites to finally meet in the middle. If only James would just quit being an idiot.

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