Until the Stars Fall

Title: Until the Stars Fall
Series: Just the Way You Are #1
Pages: 204

Fairpoint, Alabama is a quiet coastal town nestled in the heart of the deep south. Over the years, the vibrant art community has attracted an eclectic group of residents who are proud to call this small haven on the Gulf Coast home. Come visit this small eccentric town known as the pride of lower Alabama and enjoy the tales of the men who call this lovely place home.

Working in his Aunt's design firm as a commercial architect and interior designer, Ladd Eldridge has lived his life since the age of 15 to perfection. As long as he has control over every aspect of his life, he won't have to remember all the years he was neglected, hungry and virtually raising his younger brothers by himself. With a father he barely remembered and a negligent mother who eventually abandoned them for her latest drinking buddy, his childhood was nothing but poverty and struggle until they were brought to Fairpoint and reunited with his father's family. Ladd keeps a tight grip on his world to ruthlessly avoid the chaos of his childhood, but his greatest wish is to have a home and family with someone special. He needs to find a man who will make him feel loved and convince him it's finally safe to let go.

Connor McDaniel is still licking his wounds from the spectacular failure of his last relationship. He had already bought a ring and was mentally planning their future family when his boyfriend of 2 years left him without a backward glance. Connor took the job overseeing the renovation of a historic building in Fairpoint for his family's company, to get as far away from his ex and his glorious new life as possible. He'll regroup and turn his vision of his own Scottish pub into reality. He's been looking for the perfect building to make his dream come true and if he can't have his personal life succeed, he's determined to make his work successful. But Connor is still a closet romantic and all he's ever wished for was a man to love and protect who will help him create a family of his own.

Ladd and Connor both gazed longingly at the same stars and made their heartfelt wishes, never knowing that when their stars fell, their wishes really could come true.


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